Keira Sinclair

Selfie Swipe

A short fiction about Internet dating addiction and how absorbed we, as a society, have become with smartphones. Cagibi, a literary journey based in New York, published it in ‘Issue 6’ (April 2019). The upshot: you get to read it.

Editor Amy Dupcak praises Selfie Swipe as ‘a contemporary, of-the-moment piece with beautiful language and well-chosen details’, and is impressed how the reader is effortlessly steered through Maddy’s Tinder addiction.

Selfie Swipe is a social commentary about the now. I‘m grateful to contribute my words to a fine literary space.


Rebel Spirit

In 2018, I spent two months in Ireland and Northern Ireland researching rebelliousness in Irish literary and political culture. As I moved from east to north, to west and then south, the language politics grew more interesting. I discovered materials in the National Archive about my great aunt, a member of Cumman na mBan and involved in the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin. This project is about a discovery of ancestral land; exploring the difference between objective knowledge and real-life implications.

Rebel Spirit blends the travel writing spirit of Bill Bryson and Paul Theroux with family and national memoir to consider my place in the sweeping and complex Irish diaspora. As a master’s dissertation, it was awarded high distinction in December 2018.

The treacherous work to expand it to a manuscript has begun.

Illustration by Paul Heppell from  Birds in Suits .

Illustration by Paul Heppell from Birds in Suits.

Piece re-published for senior high school students

An updated version of my profile piece on award-winning Australian visual artist Michael Simms, ‘Behind Each Selfie is a Self’, was selected for re-publication by Qwiller in February 2019. It appears in the latest HSC English Common Module: Texts and Human Experiences, available now.

This textured exploration of Michael’s artistic practices, and multilayered critique of selfie culture, is a current resource for Year 12 English students across New South Wales, helping to develop their skills in language analysis and creative nonfiction writing techniques.

On a deeper level, teenagers will be asked to critically engage with a tech culture that has been an ingrained part of their lives. Let’s see how they react!

Portrait by  Michael Simms .

Portrait by Michael Simms.

A portrait artist, as a young man

This piece is two intertwining portraits: one is written, the other is on a canvas. It goes behind-the-scenes to profile the creative practices and inspirations of Michael Simms: a multiple award-winning, visual artist based in Sydney.

From his studio, it considers the place of classical portraiture in the contemporary culture of taking and sharing selfies, as the two ways of presenting faces serve very different purposes. You can read it here.

Michael is an incredible talent, and pleasure to work with. I encourage you to explore his thought-provoking art works and keep an eye out for upcoming exhibitions.

This piece was originally published by Sydney University Press in 2018, as part of their anthology The Quotidian.


More awesome works are now underway

A writer has got to write, right?

I’ve got some new travel pieces underway.

A journey into a remote part of the Bolivian Amazon Basin. Cruising to Vanuatu and New Caledonia. A unexpected court hearing in Chile. Trekking in India and Nepal, narrowly avoiding Maoists; and walking the Camino in Spain, minus the Maoists.

There are others, but I won’t tell you about those just yet.